by Joanne Hogg

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Mr H S MacVicar Just as good in every respect as 'The General' vocally, instrumentally and in production. But this time, the power of those blues lines, allied to the lyrical climax of 'but she feels no judgment -salvation has come!'sent my hands in the air(Heavenward) as I acknowledge what The Lord of Glory chose to experience on our behalf, and his thirst prefiguring his cry from the cross. Believers rejoice, unbelievers- investigate his Love!
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This song is based on the story of a woman of dubious reputation who meets a stranger at a well...



She walks out of town in the heat of the day

The sun it is high and her gaze it is low

She lives in the hours that best hide her shame

She knows the rules and the town knows her name

She needs water for her thirst

She needs water for her thirst

She is thirsty and the well it is deep

And she burns in the dark that she wears

She is guilty of breaking the rules

But she's chosen to live as she dares

She needs water for her thirst

For the road is as hot as can be

She needs water for her thirst

And the dust it is rising as far as she can see

She sees a stranger alone by the well

He is weary from travel and thirsty from the heat

She is surprised when he speaks out to her

He is breaking the rules that she fails to keep

I need water for my thirst

For the road is as hot as can be

I need water for my thirst

Woman, please draw from the well for me

He speaks of water for the thirst in her soul

That he is the one that the world's waiting for

He knows her past and the wrongs she has done

But she feels no judgement , salvation has come

Salvation has come.....

I need water for my soul

For I've been as dead as can

Give me water for my soul

Lord, won't You draw from the well for me

Lord , won't you draw from the well for me.


released October 3, 2016
Vocals/ piano ...........Joanne Hogg
Drums........................Terl Bryant
Bass guitar.................Phil Barker
Brass..........................Graeme Flowers
Cello...........................Alex Priest
Electric Guitar.............Andy Baker
Lyrics/music................Joanne Hogg



all rights reserved


Joanne Hogg Northern Ireland, UK

If we haven’t been introduced, here’s how Wikipedia describe me!

Joanne Hogg is a Northern Irish singer and songwriter, best known for her work as the lead singer and songwriter with progressive Celtic/pop/rock band Iona. ... more

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